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Manage Great With Strety

Ditch the chaos and uncertainty of managing people (or how your managers manage people) with Strety—a tool that brings together all the features you need for better 1:1 and teams meetings, employee feedback, and goal tracking so you can run high performing teams! 🙌

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Your New Best Friend

What is Strety?

Strety is your new best friend 👫—whether you’re a business owner who wants to increase visibility through your front line managers, a human resources director looking to standardize how managers conduct their 1:1 meetings, or a new team leader who wants to become a better manager.

Our all-in-one performance management and people management product was purpose-built to help modern organizations meet those needs so they can get the most out of their teams.

So, if you’re interested in building better managers or being a better manager yourself, it’s time to say “Hello” to Strety! 👋

Our simple performance management and employee engagement software is intuitive and quick to get going, bringing all the tools and information you need to lead your teams together in one convenient place.

The bottom line? Your managers will be able to manage with ease and improved transparency—creating highly engaged and productive teams! 🎉

Strety Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Teams By:


Reducing turnover


Building a culture of continuous learning


Easing the feedback loop between peers.


Fostering manager-employee relationships


Providing deeper insight into employee performance and motivations

Simple to use

What Can You Do With Strety?

It isn’t always clear what you need to do to become a better manager for your teams. 🤔

But don't worry—we won't leave you to figure it all out on your own. Strety offers practical features that team leaders can actually use throughout the week to get their jobs done. With Strety, you can:


Automate 1:1 Meetings

Arrange a one-on-one meeting with any employee who just needs a bit of direction to achieve their greatest potential. 🤝


Track Goals

Set and track the employee goals that really matter to your business so you can motivate your teams to meet them. 📝


Ask Automated Questions

Take the “nagging” out of status update requests by letting Strety automatically ask recurring questions for you. ⏱️


Solicit and Give Feedback

Ask or give feedback from everyone to get a more complete picture of your employee performance and relationships. 📸


Send & Store Team Announcements

Improve communication and foster relationships between team members with announcement and message boards. 📢

Strety is Purpose Built

Strety was designed to meet the unique needs of all managers leading modern teams. From the CEO all the way at the top, to HR team members, to new managers, there’s a feature in Strety for you:


Benefits for CEOs

Align your team with the big-picture direction of your business with our innovative, easy-to-use employee engagement software. With a full view of your company’s people and their performance, you can make course corrections as needed to ensure you're all still on track and working towards the same goals.


Benefits for HR

Strety gives HR managers and personnel the ability to set the standards for how to manage in your organization! Standardize how often meetings should happen, what to talk about in 1:1s, and more—all in one beautiful tool that can be easily picked up by any manager in the organization.


Benefits for Managers

Be a better manager by fostering strong employee-manager relationships, giving and receiving honest feedback, and leveraging automated scheduling for 1:1 meetings with your team. If you need a little extra help in this department, we offer personalized consulting and coaching on how to become a better manager.

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