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Where We Come From

We, Brian and Eric Dosal, are the previous owners/operators of a 50 person managed service provider (MSP) and a 30 person business intelligence SaaS product, BrightGauge Software. 

We started and grew both those organizations from an idea to successful exits in 2012 and 2018 respectively. What we learned is we love "scratching our own itch" in regards to building products and services. Strety was born out of the need we had badly at BrightGauge to help our managers have one platform to manage their teams and help them be the best managers they could be.

Learn more about our journey from the video posted here.  This was a fireside chat we participated in for Refresh Miami in April 2019. ❤️

The first product we created was BrightGauge, a solution for measuring and tracking KPIs from different data sources that we internally used to manage employee performance (metrics based). As we scaled BrightGauge, we realized we needed a broader product for running better team meetings and 1:1 meetings, performing 360 reviews, and aligning employee goals— alas, Strety was born! 💡

Here’s the Timeline for Strety:

  • Eric and Brian Dosal start an MSP company within an existing IT company (Compuquip Technologies) with 4 people.

  • The Dosal brothers start BrightGauge as a client reporting solution for MSPs to help improve their MSP business.

  • The MSP reaches 50 employees in total.

  • Eric and Brian Dosal sell the MSP business to Konica Minolta.

  • BrightGauge launches the analytics portion of its platform.

  • BrightGauge's product crosses 1000 businesses all over the world using their platform.

  • BrightGauge reaches 30 employees in total.  Leadership team of 5 people (4 of which were 1st time managers).

  • Strety is built as an internal tool for BrightGauge.

  • BrightGauge is successfully sold to Continuum.  Brian & Eric exit the business with two team members to start Strety as it's own standalone business.

  • Strety is launched into Beta.


What Makes Us Different

We're Built For the Working Manager

From the beginning, Strety was built to be the all-in-one, go-to tool modern teams could rely on to meet their performance management goals. When we built the platform, we packed it full of all the things we wanted for our own business. 💻

By applying the experience gained from our own MSP/ITSP days, we were able to make the ideal tool for helping your organization meet its own performance management goals. We have the insight, we have the experience, and we have the track record for getting things done. 📈

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for Strety today! We're currently in beta, but reach out to us to request an invite and we will get you on board as soon as we can! 🙌

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Meet the Team


Brian Dosal
Co-Founder & CEO

Brian Dosal is a Miami, FL native who has built several successful MSP/ITSP-type businesses alongside his brother, Eric. Before founding Strety, he was the CEO of BrightGauge, a software company that provides cloud based data dashboards and automated reporting to help organizations better manage the many moving parts of their business.

As the current Co-CEO of Strety, Brian spends his days working on the product he always wishes he had while at BrightGauge and his previous companies. He says working on Strety is not only a career but a passion as well, because he believes that the product provides “a calmer way to manage people and a team. It’s the missing piece in the manager-direct report relationship.”

A true family man, one of Brian’s favorite things about Strety is that he gets to work with his brother Eric, and he loves spending time with his wife and children in his free time. He’s also big on physical fitness and enjoys golfing with friends. When asked what he would be doing if he didn’t have to work, Brian said that he’d still choose to be working on Strety.

Eric Dosal

Eric Dosal is from Miami, FL and has worked alongside his brother Brian at several MSP/ITSP businesses such as BrightGauge and Compuquip. In addition to being the Co-Founder of Strety, he is also currently the CEO of Compuquip Cybersecurity—a managed security service provider that he has built from a small team to a thriving and fast growing business.

Eric believes Strety is “the best tool to unlock the growth of a business” and is passionate about working with his team to share this message. When asked what his end goal is, Eric says he hopes to turn Strety into the most critical tool managers rely on to improve their day-to-day operations. In order to make it happen, he operates under a customer-first philosophy, applying a critical lesson that he learned after years working at MSPs and ITSPs: “If you take care of the customer first, everything else will work itself out.”

Eric isn’t all work and no play—in his free time, he loves hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. While the thrill of action sports certainly excites him, he says the most important thing he can do in his time off is simply to hang out and relax with his family.


Orlando Garcia

Orlando Garcia is a Miami native like both Eric and Brian, and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Strety. He was the CTO for BrightGauge before transitioning to Strety alongside Brian.

At Strety, Orlando often spends his days programming—preferably in a “work from home” setting, but when he is in the office, he enjoys the chance to interact with the team. His favorite thing about working at Strety is getting the opportunity to build the software from scratch—especially one that is helping to fill a need he regularly faced while at BrightGauge!

Orlando sees Strety as a tool that can make employee-to-manager communications easier and more intuitive than ever before. He hopes to help Strety become a go-to tool that helps managers—especially first-time managers—grow into better leaders.

When he isn’t programming, Orlando enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with his family. On a rainy day, you can find him at the movie theater or with his nose in a book. If he didn’t have a career as a programmer, he says it’d still be his hobby—but would spend his newfound free time traveling to new and exciting places.

Francisco Marcano
Web Developer

Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Francisco Marcano (known as Franco to his teammates) is a Web Developer. Previously, he was a Web Developer at BrightGauge, moving to Strety alongside Brian when it was founded.

Franco’s favorite thing about Strety is the awesome people he gets to work with and the transparency of everyone involved in the product. He loves knowing that the whole team shares the same goals, and enjoys working on Strety because he truly believes it has the potential to be an indispensable tool for managers.

Franco says that in his mind, he sees Strety as “the one place where managers can get a pulse on their team.” So, he is passionate about developing a convenient, comprehensive tool that houses all the many features and capabilities managers really need to be better leaders.

When he’s not busy coding behind a computer screen, Franco loves to catch up on his favorite Anime, play tennis and soccer, workout, and get into online video games. In fact, he says that if he wasn’t working with Strety, he’d try his hand at being a competitive eSports player!

Derek Weaver
Customer Success Manager

Born in New Paris, Ohio, Derek Weaver currently serves as Strey’s Customer Success Manager! He spent 10+ years living in Miami, where he met the Dosal brothers and became the first Customer Success Manager at BrightGauge. Since transitioning to Strety alongside Brian, he’s loved the opportunity to reconnect with Brian, Orlando, and Franco!

A typical day for Derek at Strety is 100% customer-focused with a little content creation sprinkled in. He works closely with Strety customers to ensure they’re seeing value from the tool, then relays their feedback to the product team in order to improve the user experience. He says his favorite thing about working at Strety is the start-up atmosphere and professional growth that comes from wearing multiple hats.

Derek sees Strety as a solution designed to improve workplace communication, organization, and transparency so that managers of all experience levels can become better leaders. His personal goal for Strety is to change the way leaders manage their teams so that every employee feels valued.

When he isn’t focused on customer success, Derek travels as often as he can, spending a lot of time outdoors and at the beach. He enjoys staying active through beach volleyball and ultimate frisbee, and has recently taken up film photography. A truly adventurous spirit, Derek said he would dedicate his time to seeing as much of this planet as he possibly could if he didn’t have to work!