Company Update | March 14, 2020

Strety & COVID-19: Company Updates

image representing Strety & COVID-19: Company Updates

What a difference a few weeks can make in this globally connected world of ours....

Like everyone, our world has been upended as we have watched and now prepare for the continued spread of COVID-19. We have a variety of content lined-up to share but like many of you, we’re taking a little pause to make sure our families and communities are ready for impact.

Fortunately we are already a fully remote company so we're able to stay productive in our day to day roles - writing code, supporting customers, prepping for our official launch - with minimal adjustments. And as we’ve told our subscriber list via email, we are launching Strety officially in June. COVID-19 should not impact that.

What we all are seeing is that COVID-19 is creating a massive shift, forcing many office-based organizations to rapidly transition to remote work. While this has happened we have learned from our early testers that our product is a tremendous benefit for managers of remote teams. So as we continue our push to go live in June, we will definitely have this shift in mind while building our remaining feature sets.

Once things settle down a bit, we will start sharing more about how we manage a remote workforce, including our experiences at other companies working within and managing remote teams.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! And please do your part to #FlattenTheCurve.





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