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Disclaimer: Strety is not officially licensed to use EOS® terms but can run all the functionality required for any implementation.  Plus custom meeting agendas and amazing 1x1s.


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We were powered by EOS right up until the BrightGauge sale and had created Strety as an internal tool to manage EOS.  Now the team is back together and made this new commercial product for you! 

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Our mission continues to be serving managers of SMB companies.

Strety is built by SMB owner/operators, for SMBs with a focus on running EOS for team management and making 1x1 more productive than ever.

Best of all, you don't have to add another platform to your stack. Log in with your Microsoft account.

1x1s and Level 10 Meeting™ in Teams

Smart Agendas that keep track of all your meeting types, including EOS formatted agendas.  All where you are already meeting, in Microsoft Teams

  • Run better Team Meetings with all EOS compatible functionality of Issues, Headlines, etc

  • Make sure your managers are running 1x1 meetings weekly or bi-weekly and document decisions made in every meeting

  • Automatic Meeting reminders allow attendees to add agenda items ahead of the meeting 


Crush Rocks, as a Team.

We all know EOS is about focusing on what's important every quarter, every year.  Our Rocks functionality does just that but automated in Microsoft Teams!

  • Rock owners receive automated reminders to update their Goals, and can provide updates right from Chat

  • Embed tables in your Team tab to track goals, build buy-in, and increase visibility

  • Child goals allow you to connect Company goals all the way down the organization and back up

To Dos synced with Microsoft Planner, Connectwise PSA, Autotask, and Kaseya BMS

Instead of jumping out of your meeting to create To Dos in other systems, create To Dos in Strety and push directly to our connected platforms.

  • Connectwise, we can create tickets and show status change

  • Microsoft Planner + To Do which we sync statuses back and forth (two way sync)

  • Kaseya BMS where we can create tickets and sync statuses.


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We work where you work.

Strety is built solely for Microsoft Teams, where you can manage your team through Personal Apps and Personal Chat Bots.

Success Stories


"We’ve tried other tools, but nothing unified the team around our common purpose like Strety. 1:1 meetings and goal tracking have taken on a new life. Best of all, I didn’t have to beg our team to use it, they willingly wanted to."

Gary Whitaker, Service Manager at Method Group


"We love our people and using Strety makes sure we don't miss a beat.  We love their 1:1 Meetings, Team Meetings, and Automatic Check In features."

Andrew Allen, CEO at Aabyss


“Strety is an exciting piece of software that changed how we set up and deploy our 1:1 and Team Meetings."

Jay Bodys, Managing Director at Network Bridge


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We’re a small-but-mighty team that’s crazy excited about making your life easier. If you’re wondering how Strety can work for your team, schedule a demo with us and let’s chat.

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