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We know that it's much easier to retain employees and get more output from them than to find and train new ones. We created Strety so that you can get the most from your people and avoid turnover.

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Our mission is to improve the life and work of SMB companies.

Strety is built by SMB owner/operators, for SMBs with customizable features to get your team aligned + engaged.

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Run Better Meetings.

Productive teams run smart meetings. Meet your employees where they are by keeping all things meeting-related right within your Microsoft Teams workspace.

  • Pin recurring team agendas to Team channel tabs and 1:1 agendas to individual Chat tabs

  • Document tasks and decisions made with Action Items

  • Automatic Meeting reminders allow attendees to add agenda items ahead of the meeting


Crush Goals, as a Team.

Establish co-ownership of company and team goals with public goal tracking or create actionable individual goals for employee growth. Move forward, together.

  • Goal owners receive automated reminders to update their Goals, and can provide updates right from Chat

  • Embed tables in your Team tab to track goals, build buy-in, and increase visibility

  • Coming Soon: Cascading goals allow you to connect KPIs to higher level objectives

Keep a Pulse on What Matters Most.

Encourage dialogue in a distributed environment with automated check ins. Ask open-ended or value-driven questions to see how your team is doing.

  • Measure employee engagement and happiness over time

  • Replace daily stand ups with daily check ins

  • Build culture and conversation with scheduled talking points like, “How was your weekend?”

Retain Talent with Performance Reviews.

Regular performance reviews encourage individual growth, allowing you to get more out of your people and keep rock star talent.

  • Pull in data from 1:1s, check ins, and goal updates for a holistic view of your employee’s performance

  • Create actionable plans for individual career growth

  • Centralize review content with 360 reviews from employee self-reviews and peer feedback


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We work where you work.

Strety is built solely for Microsoft Teams, where you can manage your team through Personal Apps and Tabs, Team Tabs, Group Chat Tabs, and Personal Chat Bots.

Success Stories


"We’ve tried other tools, but nothing unified the team around our common purpose like Strety. 1:1 meetings and goal tracking have taken on a new life. Best of all, I didn’t have to beg our team to use it, they willingly wanted to."

Gary Whitaker, Service Manager at Method Group


"We love our people and using Strety makes sure we don't miss a beat.  We love their 1:1 Meetings, Team Meetings, and Automatic Check In features."

Andrew Allen, CEO at Aabyss


“Strety is an exciting piece of software that changed how we set up and deploy our 1:1 and Team Meetings."

Jay Bodys, Managing Director at Network Bridge


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