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Compatible with EOS®

Companies running EOS® need an easy way to leverage its tools. While we're not an official EOS® partner or platform, using Strety for EOS® can make your implementation easier.

Running on EOS?




Partnered with Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a high-performing operating system tailored to your needs and engineered to help your business climb to the peak. Shouldn't your B.O.S. platform be just as customizable?

Aim for the Pinnacle

Your business operating system, operating your way.

Your business has an operating system — even if you don’t know what it’s called. Your B.O.S. is made of the way you: 

  • set goals
  • track growth
  • create culture
  • communicate
  • collaborate
  • and grow!

Some people use Pinnacle Business Guides. Some people use EOS®. Some people use decades of experience to determine their framework.

Whatever B.O.S. works best for your team, Strety gives you the tools and templates to bring it all together in one accessible place.




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We work where you work.

Strety is available within Microsoft Teams so you can enjoy Microsoft SSO and forget clicking through a million open windows. You can also use our browser version with Microsoft SSO or any email login — it’s just as fast, and just as awesome.

Have meetings that matter.

Your meetings are dialed in and delightful with Smart Agendas, including pre-formatted agendas and customizable templates.

  • Keep meetings moving with pre-set agendas and templates designed for productive collaboration

  • Help your leaders stay consistent with automatic 1x1 meetings and streamlined documentation

  • Get on the same page before you meet with automatic 1x1 meetings and streamlined documentation

Crush rocks, as a team.

Maintain focus and accomplish more as a team with transparent goals that become rallying points for your growth culture.

  • Smash rocks faster by breaking them into digestible milestones and To Dos

  • Stay accountable to your goals with update prompts and automatic addition of rocks into relevant meeting agendas

  • Get a bird's eye view of productivity with a Pulse Check overview of your company’s goals

Move faster with integrations.

Keep your tasks organized in two platforms with one click. Our integrations make life easier, and our connected ecosystem for SMBs is ever-expanding.

  • Sync to-dos with tickets in Connectwise, Autotask, Kaseya BMS, and HaloPSA so nothing slips through the cracks

  • Keep your other tasks accessible in Strety or in Microsoft Planner + To Do with a two-way sync

  • Help shape our integration roadmap through feedback about the connections that will make your work better and faster

Integrations Info

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From the creators of


We built and sold Brightgauge thanks to our B.O.S. and the simple framework we used to hold ourselves accountable. Now, we want to help your business grow, too — so we transformed that framework into a customizable platform designed for SMBs to thrive.

Success Stories

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"I've never seen a tool that our team was asking for so enthusiastically — they could not wait to get their hands on it. They loved it from the beginning and immediately felt the value and improvement to their team L10s."

Kim Sullivan, interim President at WorkSmart IT Services

Full Case Study

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"Overall, with Strety, it’s easier to be hyper-focused: organizing ourselves, having meetings where we know exactly what needs to get done. Nothing falls through the cracks. We discuss, document, and do what we need to do."

Michael Overstreet, co-owner at Heritage Insurance

Full Case Study

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“The integration with HaloPSA has been a game-changer for our productivity. That's the beauty of working with companies like Strety that have an active development cycle: they're always looking to build something."

Shane Naugher, President and Engineer at DaZZee 

 Full Case Study

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