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A Manager's Best Friend

Are you having trouble aligning your employees with the direction of your managed service provider (MSP) or IT service provider (ITSP) business? How are your employee engagement and turnover rates?

If you’re interested in building strong manager-employee relationships and helping your people do their best, it’s time to say “Hello” to Strety! Our innovative and simple-to-use performance management and employee engagement software is designed to bring all of the tools and information you need about your MSP or ITSP business and its employees together in one place.

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With Strety, You Can Easily


Automate 1:1 Meetings

Arrange a 1:1 meeting with any employee who just needs a little bit of direction to bring their performance up to par.


Track Goals

Set and track employee goals that matter to your MSP or ITSP business while motivating your teams.


Perform 360 Reviews

Arrange 360 employee reviews to get a complete picture of how your employees are performing and interacting with one another.


Send & Store Team Announcements

Enable stronger communication between employees (and managers) in your organization with announcement and message board tools.


Create Personalized Coaching Programs

Create personalized onboarding, coaching, and consulting initiatives to improve the manager-employee relationship.


Ask RecurringQuestions

Take the "nagging" feeling out of constant checkins by letting Strety automatically ask recurring questions for you.

Built with you in mind

Why Use Strety for Your MSP or ITSP Teams?

Strety was created by a team of former MSPs with extensive experience in the industry. When we set out to create our employee engagement software and professional development tools, we asked ourselves “what did we want to know and do when we were running our managed services teams?” In other words, we built the software platform we wished we had back in our MSP days.

So, Strety was made specifically with the needs of MSP and ITSP companies in mind. This means we have packed it full of the tools and resources that you need as an MSP or ITSP to help your people meet their employee goals and drive your business’ success in the long term.



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Launching Fall 2019