MSPs: Join Strety’s partner program!

Do you have a client who wants to be more strategic about their business operating system? Show them what Strety can do to help their business — and yours — grow faster than ever.

We aim to make it super easy for MSPs to grow their revenue through a partnership with us. Like our fellow small business owners know: when our partners are doing great, so are we!


True-blue fans of EOS®

We are obsessed with EOS® and how well it’s worked for every business we’ve built. We’re in it to win it with EOS®!

Long-time channel history

Our founding team has a ton of experience working with MSPs. (Don’t tell anyone else, but you’re our favorite customers!)

Easy business growth

We grow when you grow, so we work to make it easy as can be to boost your revenue by selling Strety.

Let’s get this partnership started!