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The Problem We Saw...

As we grew BrightGauge, we realized that if we wanted higher efficiency from our team, we needed to become better managers.  

We had the tools to measure the output (our awesome BI tool), but in order to build stronger teams, we needed to make sure our managers did all the other "stuff" right in managing people.

That's when we read Traction and fell in love with EOS.  But there were no great tools to manage our implementation with the integrations we needed to blend into the background... to not be "another SaaS product" at a high price.

MS Planner, Todos, ConnectWise integrations for Strety coming soon.

…So We Built Strety.

We took the most important tools from that business operating system — added some more people management features like company wide 1x1 management — and built a tool (Strety) in where we were already spending most of our time: Microsoft Teams.

We used (and still use) Strety every day, because we believe it makes for stronger teams, which is all the more important as we navigate work as a flexible / distributed team.

Keith Montgomery-1

Managing and growing teams is what we do.

This is the 3rd business run by Strety's cofounding team.  The previous two were sold successfully. 

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