We Know Teams.

As the creators of BrightGauge, we know a thing or two about managing people. We believe that it’s easier to retain great talent and get more output from them than to find and train new ones.



The Problem We Saw...

As we grew BrightGauge, we realized that if we wanted higher efficiency from our team, we needed to become better managers.

We had the tools to measure the output, but in order to build stronger teams, we needed to measure all the other stuff. We knew that higher manager/employee 1:1 time leads to a more efficient employee — how could we automate that process and take the heavy lifting off of the manager without adding another platform to their already platform-heavy day-to-day?

MS Planner, Todos, ConnectWise integrations for Strety coming soon.

…So We Built Strety.

We took the most important tools for team and culture management — pulse checks, goal setting, 1:1 meeting automation — and built a tool for where we were already spending most of our time: Microsoft Teams.

We use Strety every day, because we believe it makes for stronger teams, which is all the more important as we navigate work as a fully distributed team.

Pulse Check

Managing and growing teams is what we do.

Find out what we’ve learned from decades of experience creating highly motivated teams.

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We’re a small-but-mighty team that’s crazy excited about making your life easier. If you’re wondering how Strety can work for your team, schedule a demo with us and let’s chat.

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