The Tool for Teams Built on Trust

Trust doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a product of all the little things, a result of showing up consistently over time.


We think trust comes from:

Consistent kind communication

Consistent, kind communication.

Public celebration and private coaching

Public celebration and private coaching

Recognition for great work.

Recognition for great work.

Enabling autonomy not micromanagement

Enabling autonomy, not micromanagement

Building buy-in, not issuing directives

Building buy-in, not issuing directives

Built for MSPs

Strety is the tool for Managed Service Providers to systematize trust-building so your team is happy, healthy, and highly effective. We’re the platform to put the ingredients of trust into action. The rest is up to you.

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Built by the Creators of BrightGauge

In 2018, Brian Dosal read about Continuous Performance Management while leading the team at BrightGauge, a company he and Eric Dosal founded in 2010. Continuous Performance Management’s blend of goal tracking and consistent coaching set off a lightbulb in Brian’s head. The system was the key to fostering growth on his team, but Brian needed a tool to put it into action at BrightGauge. Most tools are enterprise-focused and built for HR people, not managers or MSPs. We couldn’t find something lightweight that fit with a small technology business's existing workflow, so we built it.

Brian and Eric sold BrightGauge in December 2018 and shifted focus towards building Strety: a product to enable teams to implement Continuous Performance Management practices in a systematic, scalable way. 

Today, Strety is a fully-remote team of 9 experienced leaders who work to support happy, high-performing companies. 

We understand the unique challenges that MSPs face. We’re committed to solving them for you with customized tools, personalized support, and valuable resources.


We value

We practice what we preach. We want Strety to be the place where you do the best work of your career -- without unnecessary stress.




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The 12 Principles for Highly Motivated Teams

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