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Aim for the Pinnacle


Climb to new heights with Pinnacle on Strety.

When we started running our business framework about a decade ago, we did everything ‘by the book,’ but quickly found out how limiting that rigidity could be. That’s why when we created a tool for businesses to run their frameworks, we baked in flexibility and customization from the start — just like Pinnacle Business Guides do.

Our platform's combination of accountability and flexibility helps you and your team climb higher than ever. Your Pinnacle Business Guide is your sherpa; Strety is their backpack full of curated tools for your best business growth.

Keith Montgomery

Your journey to the Pinnacle just got easier.

Strety is built by small business founders for fellow small- and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to make it easy to run your operating system and to get your all-important team buy-in. Our ever-expanding feature-set reflects our own business journey and customer needs.

  • Clarify priorities and solve them faster with templated agendas that guide you through root causes, desired outcomes, plans, responsibilities, and deadlines
  • Make every meeting matter, from your daily stand-ups to your weekly tacticals and monthly financials
  • Build a culture of A-players and nurture greatness with automated 1x1s and check-ins to keep the momentum going
  • Create F.A.S.T. Rocks that will move the needle for your business and rally your team around a common cause
  • Streamline your workflows through two-way syncs between Strety Action Items and other integrated tools 

Give your team the power to thrive.

When you combine your Pinnacle Business Guide’s expertise and passion with our intuitive platform, you have the recipe for a winning framework — and a booming business.

Give Strety a try for free, and enjoy the magic of a platform with tools that respond to your needs while keeping your team on-track.

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We’re a small-but-mighty team that’s crazy excited about making your life easier. If you’re wondering how Strety can work for your team, schedule a demo with us and let’s chat.

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