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Strety makes managing people and team performance easier than ever before by giving you all the features you need in one easy to use, purpose-built product. We're in an "invite only" stage... but don't miss out—request an invite to get early access today!

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You have great people working for you and your managers are awesome, too—but do you find the nuances painful of making sure 1:1s are done well (or done at all), that great feedback is being given, and that your team is aligned with your goals? 😣

Everyone does—that is, until they start using Strety!

Strety is here to help you be a better manager to your team and to make managers around you better. Our performance management platform helps you master the art of motivating your people so you can move mountains and all reach the right goals together. ⛰️

Here are some of the features that Strety provides to empower managers and improve your performance management execution:


Easy to set up

Peer Feedback ⭐

In order to have an effective employee performance management strategy, you’ll need a complete picture of employee performance—something that 1:1 meetings can struggle to create. 

Strety takes the frustration out of 360 degree feedback by helping to create a more holistic assessment of your team members. It’s quick and easy—simply set up the questions you want to focus on, send them to your whole team at once, and gain insight into how your employees really feel.


Follow up on

1:1 Meeting Automation 📅

1:1 meetings are a powerful tool for monitoring employee performance that can improve your overall business performance management strategy. But, it can be overwhelming for a single manager to schedule and follow up on 1:1 meetings with all the employees on their team.

Strety takes the stress out of arranging and following up on 1:1 meetings for employee performance reviews by automating the process. You'll be able to store info about what you need to cover in a meeting and collaborate on agendas so your employees can add what they'd like to discuss, too. Plus, you can add comments during the meeting and assign action items for the employee to follow up on after.



Goal Tracking 📊

Aside from just tracking an individual employee's performance, it’s important to track the overall progress of the business towards its goals. Our business performance management tools make this possible!

With Strety, you can set and track key strategic business goals so you always know exactly where your business stands. We can help your company track its goals, whether you use Traction/EOS, OKRs, or just simple SMART Goals—all on a system built to be intuitive and easy to use.


Team Message Boards to

Document Employee Coaching Sessions 📝

Fostering strong collaboration between team members and their management requires a robust communication tool—one that can remember conversations and make key information easy to look up.

Strety’s team message board system makes it simple for your employees (and managers) to communicate with one another. Important messages can be tagged and saved for future reference—helping to prevent people from forgetting important reminders.


Automated Questions for

Recurring CheckIns Needed 🔁

Nobody wants to be a nag. It’s unpleasant for both managers and employees when the boss has to breathe down someone’s neck to remind them to do “XYZ” task for what seems like the millionth time.

Rather than waste your time and make employees uncomfortable, Strety gives you the ability to create discreet automated reminders for recurring tasks and questions. This way, your employee can get a reminder and do the work without you having to lift a finger.


Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Strety integrates with the tools your managers are already using. 🔨

Access the information your business needs right from Microsoft Outlook and Teams (coming soon) without having to leave the comfort of your manager's new favorite home, Strety. 🏠

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