Strengthen your B.O.S. with integrations.

Stop time-consuming and pointless task duplication. Your team can interact with your business operating system where they already live with intuitive integrations inside Strety.

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Microsoft Teams

Strety is available as an app within Microsoft Teams. Enjoy the ease of Microsoft SSO and forget downloading yet another piece of tech. Get Strety notifications as a chat in Teams, or sent to your email.

Microsoft Planner + To Do

Move tasks and projects between Strety and MS To Do and MS Planner without missing a beat. The two-way sync keeps To Dos and linked Rocks automatically updated. 


Link To Dos from Strety to ConnectWise Tickets, Projects, & Activities. You can also connect Rocks in Strety to Projects in Connectwise, keeping your project management on point.


Create a To Do in Strety and pre-configure the Account, Priority, Queue, and Assignee from Autotask. When an Autotask Ticket is resolved, Strety will automatically close the associated To Do.


Stop service silos by linking Strety To Dos with Halo Tickets. Configure the type of ticket, agent, and client to get your To Do into the right Halo queue. Mark the ticket resolved in Halo, and the To Do is closed in Strety.



From the creators of


When we were at BrightGauge, our team created 100+ integrations. We know how important it is for your tools to play nicely together. That’s why the integrations you see on this page are just the beginning.

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