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Do you have a client who’s running on EOS? Introduce them to Strety for a seamless implementation that keeps everyone on the same page. 

We make it super easy for implementers to increase their client trust and grow their revenue through a partnership with us. Like our fellow entrepreneurs know: when our partners are doing great, so are we!

Disclaimer: Strety is not licensed to use EOS® terms. Our platform is compatible & interoperable with running the EOS® framework but we do not have a partnership with EOS® Worldwide. Strety is not a business operating system, but a platform that supports business operating systems.

MSP Partner

True-blue fans of EOS®

We are obsessed with EOS® and how well it’s worked for us. We’ve won with EOS® and want to help your clients win too!

Long-time EOS® history

We’ve run EOS® at three businesses and counting, including with an awesome certified implementer.

Easy business growth

We make it easy as can be to maintain awesome client relationships and boost your revenue by reselling Strety.

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