Product Updates | December 9, 2019

Welcome to Strety!

image representing Welcome to Strety!

Welcome to Strety! Though our product is still in beta, we thought now would be the right time to launch our marketing site and start sharing our story and our vision.

Why Strety?

Strety will be the go-to tool for all things managing people. We categorize ourselves as a “Performance Management” product but, unfortunately, that category is filled with enterprise-y software that both managers and direct reports just don't like using. So, we like to say we're "Performance Management for Modern Teams" and expect to break the mold.

Strety was created to fulfill a need we had badly at companies we founded and operated, BrightGauge and Compuquip. For a clearer sense of our background (as founders), here are the main highlights

  1. Currently, we also run a 30 person MSSP out of Miami, FL, Compuquip Cybersecurity.
  2. We started and sold a 50 person MSP (sold in 2012), Compuquip Managed Services.
  3. We started and sold BrightGauge Software (sold in 2018). Giving 2,000+ businesses around the world easy access to their KPIs.

At each of these companies, we needed to equip ourselves and our managers with just one product that we could use daily to manage our teams more efficiently and with transparency throughout. Nothing existed, and so in 2019, we decided to build it ourselves.

Whether you’re a business owner like us looking run a tighter and better team, a human resources director tasked with standardizing how managers conduct their 1:1 meetings, or a newly promoted team leader who just wants to become a better manager, Strety has the features you need to reach your goals faster and with ease.

What Can Strety Do?

Strety makes managing people and monitoring team performance easy by giving you all the tools 🔨 you need in one easy to use, purpose-built product. With Strety, you can:

  • Automate 1:1 meetings. 📅 Strety takes the stress out of scheduling and following up on 1:1 meetings by automating the entire process.

  • Create amazing meeting agendas. 📝 Store info about what you need to cover in a particular meeting and collaborate on agendas together so your employees can add anything they need to discuss as well. Store & send notes on each meeting after one is a completed for a complete record of follow ups and what was discussed.

  • Solicit & Give Peer Feedback. ⭐ Strety takes the frustration out of giving 360 degree feedback by helping to create a more holistic assessment of your team members. This allows you to get a more complete picture of your employee performance and relationships.

  • Track Goals. 📈 Beyond just tracking an individual employee's performance, it’s important to track progress towards your overall business goals. With Strety, you can set and track key strategic business goals so you always know exactly where your business stands and where improvements could be made.

  • Send and store team announcements. 📢 Improve communication and foster relationships between team members with announcement and message boards.

  • Document employee coaching sessions. 📓 Strety’s team message board system makes it simple for your employees (and managers) to communicate with one another. With the ability to tag and save important messages for future reference, you can prevent people from forgetting important reminders.

  • Ask automated questions. 🔁 No one likes a nag—take the frustration out of status update requests by letting Strety automatically ask recurring questions for you.

  • Integrate with your favorite tools. 🔨 Strety seamlessly integrates with the tools your managers are already using, like Outlook and Microsoft Teams (coming soon).

Who Should Use Strety?

Any manager of any modern team. From the CEO to HR professionals to front line managers, there’s a feature in Strety designed to make the job easier.  

  • CEOs. Make sure every member of your team stays aligned with the big-picture direction of your business through our all-in-one performance management platform. With a full view of your company’s people and their performance, you can make adjustments as needed to ensure everyone is always working towards the same goals.

  • HR. Strety gives HR managers and team members the ability to set the standards for how to manage in your organization! Standardize how often meetings should happen, what to talk about in 1:1s, and more!

  • Managers. Be a better manager by fostering strong employee-manager relationships and leveraging automated scheduling for better 1:1 meetings with your team.

From a size perspective, we are built for companies of about 10-200 employees. And with our history in the MSP & MSSP space, we are ultra helpful for those types of companies

The bottom line? Strety can help just about every leader in your organization become a better manager and run their teams with improved transparency and efficiency—meaning your business will be able to:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Build a strong company culture that prioritizes continuous learning
  • Foster manager-direct report relationships
  • Align everyone's goals with that of the company

Are You Ready to get Strety?

We're currently in beta, but feel free to request an invite to our exclusive testing program if you’re interested in getting early access! We'd love to get you on board as soon as we can. 👍

In the mean-time, check out our new site and contact us with any questions you may have about our performance management product (for modern teams)!



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