Product Updates | March 13, 2024

Welcome to Strety!

image representing Welcome to Strety!

Disclaimer: Strety is not officially licensed to use EOS® terms. We are not certified or official partners of EOS® Worldwide — we’re just big fans of EOS® and Traction by Gino Wickman.

It’s great to meet you! We are a company developing software to enable teams to easily implement EOS® or any other business operating system through tools for great communication, excellent meetings, and transparency that keeps all of your people rowing in the same direction.

Why are we so passionate about helping SMBs streamline their operating systems? 

Because implementing EOS® has been game-changing for us.

The Strety founders have built and sold 3 companies — with consistent, phenomenal, and most importantly — calm growth made possible through EOS® implementation (BrightGauge, Compuquip Managed IT Services, and Blue Wave Communications). Once might have been a fluke, but at this point in our lives, we know that being intentional about our business operating system is the game-changer.

We developed Strety out of our own need for a responsive, common-sensical, and fun-to-use software that made EOS® implementation easy. When we first got into EOS®, the options for organizing and keeping up on our implementations were spreadsheets or software that didn’t feel quite right for our teams. The development of Strety started as (and continues to be) a labor of love to help ourselves get the most out of self-implementing EOS®. Once our friends and peers caught wind of this EOS® compatible system we called Strety, they wanted to use it as well.  And soon after we  realized that any SMB (small and medium-sized business) could benefit from what we’d made, so thus began the birth of the commercialization of Strety: an EOS compatible system that is well priced, interoperable, and a joy to use.

What we think great software is

Now that you know a little more about our why, allow us to give you some quick insight into how we approach software. Obviously, not all software is created equal, and we think the difference boils down to a few crucial points of difference that can make a decent software feel magical.


We built Strety as an EOS® compatible software system for Microsoft Teams for one simple reason: we use Microsoft Teams, and we knew that our business operating software needed to live where we live. But we’re not stopping there: we believe great software plays nicely with the best (and the rest) of your tech stack. That’s why we’ve already implemented integrations with these systems to link with Strety To Dos (and two way sync):

  • Connectwise
  • Microsoft Planner + To Do
  • Autotask
  • Kaseya BMS
  • HaloPSA (coming soon)

… and many, many more integrations on the roadmap, both in the short and long-term. We built over 100 integrations at BrightGauge, and hope to beat our personal record with Strety!

Delightful to adopt 

‘Delight’ has become a software buzzword for a good reason. Software, at its core, is digital magic – it’s a weighless, invisible thing at its core, but it can make a giant impact on our lives. We truly believe in delighting our customers (and ourselves) with a software experience that is fun and easy to use, plays nicely with other tools in your stack, and runs in the background, instead of demanding a lot of consternation and attention. 


Another magical thing about software: its adaptability. We believe that great software reflects an ongoing conversation between its users and its makers. It’s always been a part of our business to develop close relationships with our customers, gather feedback to help guide the roadmap, and push code every day to move our software in the directions our customers lead us.


The best things in life are free, but the second-best thing (hint: for us, it’s software) unfortunately can’t be. While we can’t afford to give away Strety for free, we can commit ourselves to making it affordable. The whole point of an EOS® software is to keep your whole team  aligned, not just your leaders. We’ve targeted an affordable price point to make EOS®-compatible software for every SMB that wants it. We know that running a business can be like balancing on a razor’s edge, and we never want Strety to be the thing that tips you over.

Strety and your Business Operating System

There are three main areas where Strety can help support your operating system (again, whether EOS® or not):

Meetings that don’t feel like a waste of time

Meetings are a critical part of implementing EOS® (or any other business operating system that we can think of). While they’ve gotten a bad rap – and for good reason – good meetings can be energizing and motivating. Strety helps you have meetings that stay on track, solve issues, and encourage productive takeaways.

Rocks, goals, KPIs– whatever you call them, we help you track them

“What’s measured can be improved.” This is true for anything, but especially for the overall health and efficiency of your business. When you and your team are juggling tons of plates, it can feel hard to have a single-pane view of everything that’s happening. Strety helps you keep your team’s goals on track – from yearly rocks to daily tasks – and make sure everyone has the visibility they need.

Culture: getting your team aligned on values

It’s easy to get obsessed with making progress and finding new ways to grow — it can be harder to take the time to think about the values that are foundational to the way your business operates. Teams that aren’t aligned on a company’s core values are prone to bad morale and confusion on priorities, how to operate, and who is responsible. 

Strety helps you create transparency on the core principles of your company by making your roles and responsibility chart, values, mission, and long term goals visible for everyone on the company to get on the same page and stay there.

Software to support your mission

Our goal is to make it easy for you to run your business to its greatest potential. Regardless of whether you’re looking to build to sell, or just to keep growing sustainably, implementing an operating system will help your team row in the same direction, and get farther, together. 

As a fellow SMB, we’re here to make implementation as streamlined as possible, so let us know how we can help – whether it’s moving data from a different EOS® software or just running you through how you can use Strety in a quick demo.

Whether you’re an old hand at EOS® or excited to implement a business operating system for the first time, check out how Strety can support your business with a free 30 day trial.



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