Company Update | April 15, 2024

Integrations to make life easier: HaloPSA + Strety

image representing Integrations to make life easier: HaloPSA + Strety

At Strety, we believe software should be interoperable. If we’re good at one thing and another system is better for another that closely relates, we should integrate the two systems.  At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a software experience that fades into the background so you can focus on the main use case.

We’re really good at helping organizations run EOS®.  Like really good.  But for task management, the tools people already use are plentiful (and opinions are strong).  So when a To Do comes out of a EOS® meeting, we want it to live where our users want that To Do to live, in their preferred system.  That’s where HaloPSA comes in….

We’ve already integrated with Connectwise, MS Planner, AutoTask, and Kaseya BMS, but many of our customers have started using HaloPSA as their system of choice for tickets and task management.  

We always go where our customers want us to go, so we got in touch with the HaloPSA product team. Thanks to their great team and solid API, we were able to quickly whip up an integration between our To Dos & their tickets. As of last week, Strety users can create a To Do in Strety and automatically link it to a newly created HaloPSA ticket.  

Screenshot of Strety UI showing how our HaloPSA integration links To Dos to automatically align your EOS implementation with your project management processes.

And as our customers know, we sync two ways with HaloPSA. Once you create a ticket in their system that’s linked to a To Do, closing that ticket in HaloPSA will close the To Do in Strety. No double work or double entry.

Coming Soon to HaloPSA integration with Strety

In the next few weeks, we’ll be expanding this integration even further.  

  1. Rock Integration - We know many “Rocks” for any given quarter are tied back to actual projects in HaloPSA.  We’ll be expanding our integration to Strety Rocks so that check ins can happen automatically from percentage completion within a project in HaloPSA.
  2. Metric Integration - Similarly, our joint customers will be able to pull in metrics into their scorecards directly from HaloPSA.  Say goodbye to manually updating numbers.

Thanks to those who have tested this out and helped us get this integration into production.  More to come!

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