Written By: Derek Weaver
April 7, 2020

How to Run Successful Distributed Team Meetings

The way teams work and collaborate have changed, and not just in response to COVID-19.  A study released by Zug in 2018 found that 70% of professionals worked remotely at least one day per week. An Owl Labs study from last year shows 20% of respondents would take a pay cut of more than 10% to work ...


How to Lead Virtual Daily Standups With Confidence

Daily standup meetings have become a ritual for many teams, especially those using the Scrum methodology. Daily standups can help everyone stay on the ...

Written By: Strety
March 28, 2020

The Transition to “Work From Home” People Management

Did COVID-19 just make you a newly minted Work From Home (WFH) manager? Welcome to the club of remote leaders, there are a ton of us now! Though at ...

Written By: Brian Dosal
March 21, 2020

Important Leadership Meeting Topics and Agendas [+ Sample Agendas]

There are many types of business meetings: team meetings, 1:1 meetings between managers and their direct reports, client meetings, stakeholder ...

Written By: Strety
January 22, 2020

How to Run an Effective Team Meeting

Many managers and employees view team meetings as a waste of time ⏱️. We get it, we’ve been in these types of meetings—they’re not effective team ...

Written By: Strety
January 17, 2020

10 Tips for Better One on One Meetings [+ Examples]

One on one meetings are a powerful tool for monitoring performance, building strong relationships, and boosting motivation—however, managers often ...

Written By: Strety
December 12, 2019
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